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The Cheyenne Greenway Foundation
PO Box 4043
Cheyenne, WY 82003-4043

Email: CheyenneGreenwayFoundation@gmail.com

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The Cheyenne Greenway Foundation exists to contribute to the quality of life for all Cheyenne area citizens by:

  • Raising awareness and encouraging use of the Greater Cheyenne Greenway and trails systems for fitness, exercise, relaxation and community events
  • Encouraging the expansion of trails and multi use paths in the Cheyenne area
  • Increasing public support of the Greater Cheyenne Trails system and securing private funding to complete special projects on the Greenway

Wyoming Association of Municipalities
2014 Community Hero Award

Check out the Romero Park Picnic Bench project under Support Us

Greenway Updates

  • Good News!! The funds are finally in place and the contractors are almost on board to begin building the two block section of road and the Greenway along Polk Avenue. This piece will connect the Dry Creek segment with the Sun Valley segment and will make a 16 mile continuous Greenway loop around the city.
  • Look for new signs along the Greenway at each of the 22 underpasses and 1 overpass that indicate what street you are crossing under and over. This will help the users get a feel for where they are in the city.

  • Riders and Walkers! Look for newly installed Trail Identification signage and mile markers along the 6.34 miles of the Dry Creek Greenway.
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