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The Cheyenne Greenway Foundation
PO Box 4043
Cheyenne, WY 82003-4043

Email: CheyenneGreenwayFoundation@gmail.com

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The Cheyenne Greenway Foundation exists to contribute to the quality of life for all Cheyenne area citizens by:

  • Raising awareness and encouraging use of the Greater Cheyenne Greenway and trails systems for fitness, exercise, relaxation and community events
  • Encouraging the expansion of trails and multi use paths in the Cheyenne area
  • Increasing public support of the Greater Cheyenne Trails system and securing private funding to complete special projects on the Greenway

Greenway Updates

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Greenway Trail Identification and Mile Markers
The Cheyenne Greenway Foundation provided funding from the 2013 Spring into Green to place mileposts and trail identification signs on Dry Creek Greenway and the Sun Valley /Holliday Park Greenway connector. The City has also funded these same items for the South Link and Crow Creek Greenway segments. As of January 1, 2015 out of the 37 miles of Greenway built in the Cheyenne Area, there are 15.5 miles that have mile markers and trail identification signage!

Polk Avenue Greenway Connector and New Road
The Polk Avenue Greenway segment is now open.  This represents a major milestone in the Greenway system.  The 1/4 mile segment connects the Sun Valley and Dry Creek Greenways.  More importantly, it creates a continuous 16-mile pathway from Central High School at I-25 to Martin Luther King Jr. Park west of Downtown via Dry Creek, Sun Valley, the Norris Viaduct and Crow Creek.  The construction project included creation of the pathway, as well as a new roadway and all associated drainage improvements.   The overall project cost $780K and included financial contributions and collaboration from Laramie County ($300K), Wyoming Business Council ($250K) and an adjacent commercial development ($75K).

The existing US 30 underpass at the north end of this project will soon become increasingly important.  A $220K Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) award was secured this year to connect the existing mile of trail in the Saddle Ridge neighborhood to this location via the US 30 corridor.  Keep your eyes open for this and other Greenway improvements in the years to come.

A view looking north towards U.S. 30, of the newly paved Polk Avenue with the 10 ft. Greenway on the east side. Note the new type of material (StayLok, a soil stabilizer) that separates the curb from the Greenway path. This view is from a spot further south along Polk Ave. and shows the new Greenway fence and the generous tree lawn that separates the path from the curb and gutter. The tree lawn will be planted with trees in the spring of 2015 which will provide a better riding and walking experience.

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