2018 Summer Projects

2018 was a good year for projects sponsored by the Cheyenne Greenway Foundation. We were able to install three brand new amenities for the Cheyenne Greenway and Parks system: two bicycle repair stations and a much-needed drinking fountain.

Bicycle Repair Stations

If you’ve ever been out on the Greenway and gotten a flat tire or had a mechanical problem, then you know how long that walk home can be. We are pleased to announce that this summer we have installed the first two of a planned series of bicycle repair stations at various key points around the Greenway. We started with a repair station at the trailhead for the North Cheyenne Community Park trail system, popular as practice trails for mountain bikers, and on the campus of Laramie County Community College (LCCC).

Our thanks go to Scott Butler and his crew for installing the repair station at North Park at cost, and to Laramie County Community College for installing the repair station at LCCC. We are still working on getting solar lighting installed at the LCCC location.

Friendship Playground Drinking Fountain

Summers in Cheyenne can be thirsty—especially when you’re playing hard at the spectacular new Friendship Playground at Cahill Park! To slake that thirst, we purchased and donated to the City of Cheyenne a top-of-the-line drinking fountain, which the City recently installed at the Greenway intersection right next to Friendship Playground. Dogs get thirsty too, and the fountain includes a special doggy drinking fountain. And if you’ve slurped down all the water in your water bottle, you’ll love the bottle filler on the fountain, too!

Our thanks go to the City of Cheyenne for installing the fountain, including the water supply pipes and drainage system.