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History of the Cheyenne Greenway Foundation

In 1990, citizens brought the initial proposal for a recreational trail to an Earth Day meeting.  A grassroots group called the Crow Creek Greenway Committee was informally formed to do something more for the community.  The group secured heavy equipment, operators, and asphalt from local businesses at no cost to the city, and provided the elbow grease to make the first segment of pathway in MLK Jr. Park look “first class.” With the help of the City Planning office, the group was registered as a non-profit. Other citizens’ groups, governmental agencies, boards, and commissions assisted with refining the idea. By the time the County Commissioners were approached to add the project to the 1% optional tax ballot in 1991, the project also included Dry Creek and Allison Draw.

The Cheyenne Greenway Foundation was conceived in the summer of 2008 when a member of the Greenway Advisory Committee suggested that the Committee do some fundraising to fund enhancements and beautification projects on the Greenway.  A walk/run event on the Greenway was a perfect fit, and so was born the Spring into Green celebration.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, the then inactive Crow Creek Greenway Inc. non-profit was transferred to the Cheyenne Greenway Foundation in November, 2008.  A website and a presence at community events foster awareness of the group and its mission.  Proceeds from the annual event are reinvested in the Greenway in the form of landscaping and trail amenities such as shelters and public art.

The Cheyenne Greenway Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the Greater Cheyenne Greenway and exists to contribute to the quality of life for all citizens.

Board of Directors

vacant, President
Bebe Molway, Vice President
Nancy Olson, Secretary
Jo Ellen Butler, Treasurer
Bruce Keating
Jim Walter
Bret Lathrop

Supporting Members
Jeanie Vetter
Craig Blumenshine
David Toppenberg
Jaymee Binion

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Cheyenne Greenway Foundation
PO Box 4043
Cheyenne, WY 82003-4043

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Our Mission

  • Raising awareness and encouraging use of the Greater Cheyenne Greenway and trails systems for fitness, exercise, relaxation and community events.
  • Encouraging the expansion of trails and multi use paths in the Cheyenne area
  • Increasing public support of the Greater Cheyenne Trails system and securing private funding to complete special projects on the Greenway


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