From the Greenway Advisory Committee:

The Cheyenne Greenway has been chosen as a project that will be placed on the 1% Specific Sales and Use Tax ballot scheduled for May 2. Residents will be asked to approve a variety of projects requested by Laramie County and all its incorporated cities and towns, to be funded by the optional 6th Penny Sales Tax. A hard-working task force has sifted through all the requests, chosen several worthy projects, and packaged them into bundles for voter approval. The final list will be put out soon, so be on the lookout for specific information about each bundle. Your call to action is: be informed, tell your friends, display a yard sign, or donate to campaign efforts. Future communications will inform you how to donate through the Political Action Committee.

The Cheyenne Greenway Request Is $3.8 Million

Seven unfunded missing links were identified throughout the current Greenway that will make its trails continuous. We want to thank all of you who attended our public meetings last spring and gave input. The Greenway request was based upon the projects you told us you wanted most.

Map of Proposed 6th Penny Projects
Projects 1 & 3 are already covered, leaving seven potential projects!
Click the map for descriptions of each project at the City of Cheyenne website

Map of Proposed 6th Penny Projects, 2016

The conservative $3 million request for new projects will not fund all the proposed new links on the Greenway system. However, the Greenway Advisory Committee will continue its past successful efforts to expand new construction beyond the Greenway’s own budget by piggy-backing with other public improvement and private development projects as they occur, and by applying for grants, many of which require cost-sharing.

A dedicated budget item of $0.8 million for maintenance of the existing Greenway is also included in the request. The pathway, bridges, and other structures need continual monitoring and repair as well as regular sweeping and snow removal.

Additional News

Later this spring construction will begin on a Greenway path in East Cheyenne to link the Dakota Crossing and Saddle Ridge subdivisions. As the city’s population spreads, the Greenway is a popular transportation network for bicycle commuters due to its being primarily grade separated. The Greenway also provides safe pathways for hundreds of children and teens who walk, bike, and skateboard to and from school each day.

Avenues Connector Map

Avenues Connector Map

The Avenues Connector. With the upcoming plans for relocating the Cheyenne Airport Terminal, an agreement has been made for the Cheyenne Greenway to have access across the south and east edges of the Airport property. This will make it possible for Greenway users to safely avoid the busy Pershing Blvd street traffic. The route will traverse east from Evans Ave. in the Avenues neighborhood, staying north of Miller School, the School District maintenance yard and the Beth El and Olivet Cemeteries, and emerge on the Airport Parkway bike route, which connects back to the Greenway near the Converse Softball Complex, and continues to the Converse Ave. bridge overpass and the baseball fields along Dell Range Blvd. This project is being funded by a grant from the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s Transportation Alternatives Program, (TAP) funds. That is a WIN-WIN!

40 Miles of Greenway Have Been Built


The Greenway Advisory Committee (GAC) is a fifteen-member steering committee that gives direction for planning and building the Greenway. Members are appointed by the Mayor, and include representatives from a variety of public agencies as well as interested private citizens. Since its inception more than 25 years ago, the Greenway has been winding its way throughout the City and neighboring County neighborhoods. We appreciate the past support that has made this happen.

—Jo Butler, Chairman