CHEYENNE – Earlier this week, members of last year’s Leadership Cheyenne class presented a check in the amount of $16,752 to the Greenway Advisory Committee for the manufacturing  and implementation of new wayfinding signs.

Funds were generated from the annual Cheyenne Boo Ball held in late October. The objective of this annual fundraising event is to help beautify the community.

With over 39 miles of Greenway connecting our community to parks, schools and important destinations, the implementation of wayfinding signs has become a priority. The first wayfinding location map was developed in October 2017 with the planning and design of wayfinding signs following shortly thereafter. As our community grows, so too does the Greater Cheyenne Greenway and the importance of directional wayfinding signs. In October 2019, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the Powderhouse Greenway Connector. This new greenway segment connects the system between Storey Blvd. and Gardenia Dr. The Powderhouse Greenway Connector was completed in December 2019.  

Funds from the 2018 -2019 Leadership Cheyenne class will result in the implementation of approximately 13-15 wayfinding signs at priority intersections throughout the Greater Cheyenne Greenway. New signs will be placed along the Greenway starting  this spring and summer at Cahill Park, Norris Viaduct, and inside Lions Park to name just a few.

This is an image of the actual wayfinding signs. Altogether approximately 40 signs will be placed along the Greater Cheyenne Greenway System.