Over the past year or two the Cheyenne Greenway Foundation has said goodbye to four board members:

  • Carol Matteson Pascal
  • Barbara Kloth
  • Jeff Wiggins
  • Mike Weiland

Our thanks go to Carol, Barbara, Jeff, and Mike for all the good work you’ve done for the Greenway Foundation and the Greater Cheyenne Greenway!

But all is not lost! During that same time period, the Foundation has welcomed four new board members:

  • Kelli Lackett
  • Lee Woofenden
  • Karen Clark-Bond
  • Dan Bond

A big welcome to our new board members! Thanks for giving your time and talent to support the Greenway!

We also thank our continuing board members, who have put countless hours into the Greenway Foundation:

  • Jo Butler
  • Nancy Olson
  • Bebe Molway

Mike Wieland’s departure left the Treasurer position open. At our January meeting, Jo Butler agreed to move from President to Treasurer to fill that important post, and Lee Woofenden agreed to fill the President position. Both were duly elected to those offices. Dan Bond was also voted in as our newest board member.

Here, then, is the full Cheyenne Greenway Foundation board for 2018:

  • Lee Woofenden, President
  • Bebe Molway, Vice-President
  • Nancy Olson, Secretary
  • Jo Butler, Treasurer
  • Kelli Lackett
  • Karen Clark-Bond
  • Dan Bond

Please contact any one of us if you have any thoughts or ideas for the Greenway!

You are also welcome to attend our meetings on the third Wednesday of every month, 6:00 PM, at the Laramie County Library.