In Cheyenne’s recent city elections, one of the most debated and publicized issues regarding the city’s future direction was “amenities vs. infrastructure.”

Some candidates emphasized the need for amenities such as parklands and sports and recreational facilities to attract people to our city through the quality of life we can offer here. Many voters responded to that need. Other candidates emphasized the need to repair and improve our infrastructure—roads, bridges, fire stations, and so on. Even more voters responded to that need.

The volunteer board members of the non-profit Cheyenne Greenway Foundation are happy to support and promote a city asset that is both an amenity and infrastructure: The Greater Cheyenne Greenway system.

It is well known that the Cheyenne Greenway is an attractive amenity in and around our city. Every day hundreds of people use the Greenway for health and recreation as they walk for exercise, walk their dogs, bicycle, inline skate, skateboard, and so on. The Greenway is also well-integrated into the Cheyenne parks system, providing a safe and pleasant pathway to many of the parks and other amenities that our city has to offer.

What is not quite so well known is that the Cheyenne Greenway serves as a regular transportation system for hundreds of people each day.

The Greenway, together with Cheyenne’s on-street bicycle trail system, provides alternate transportation to work for many people who walk to work or commute by bicycle. This helps to relieve traffic on the roads during the busiest periods of the day, while providing residents with an enjoyable and healthful alternative for their daily commute.

Students heading home from school on the Greenway

Students heading home from school on the Greenway

Every day, hundreds of children and teens walk, bike, or skateboard to and from school on the Greenway. The Greenway has segments serving many of the schools around the city. It provides safe pathways for children, keeping them off the roads and away from vehicle traffic. In particular, the Greenway’s system of tunnels and overpasses provides a completely safe way for students to cross many of the busiest roads in town on their way to and from school.

Whether you are focused more on amenities or on infrastructure in envisioning our city’s future, the Greater Cheyenne Greenway system fills the bill.

Maintaining and expanding the Greenway provides both recreation for the people of our community and an extensive, safe transportation system for children, teens, and adults who live throughout the greater Cheyenne area.

(Note: This article, written by Lee Woofenden on behalf of the Cheyenne Greenway Foundation board, first appeared in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle on Friday, February 24, 2017: “Greenway offers amenity and infrastructure to city.”)